Unmanned aerial vehicles or drones are a hot topic in future agriculture and forestry.

Drones in Finnish Agriculture and Forestry -congress 29.-30.11.2018 in Naantali Spa is a meeting for Finnish drone specialists and researchers of agriculture and forestry to discuss the possibilities of drones and to solve scientific and technical problems related to their use. We have invited top specialists of the field to give talks, and several companies are expected to show interesting products and services. The congress will be interesting also for end users like farmers and forest owners.

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Keynote speakers


Associate Professor Lammert Kooistra, Wageningen University, The Netherlands

Dr. Kooistra has developed integrated sensing systems, combining satellite, unmanned aerial systems and in situ sensors for monitoring applications in agriculture and environmental resource management. His research focuses on hyperspectral sensing systems from camera design to data processing into quantitative image products.

Professor Antonio Maria Garcia Tommaselli, São Paulo State University, Brazil

Dr. Tommaselli is known from studies on digital photogrammetry, image orientation, sensor modeling and calibration, and feature extraction. He holds degrees in cartographic engineering, geodetic sciences, electric engineering and photogrammetry. He is a member of the advisory committee of the commission 1 of the International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing and member of the International Advisory Board of the Photogrammetric Record journal.

Jussi Knaapi, Isokyrö, Finland

Mr. Knaapi is an ag-technology agronomist from University of Helsinki. As a farmer and journalist for Koneviesti ag-technology magazine he has followed drone spectrometry progress from year 2010 till today. Together with his son Juha they have built and used 10 drones of different types and sizes with variable results. Currently they are using a low spec Phantom 4 and state-of-the-art MicaSence Red Edge in combination with good results. As a consultant, he is seeking sound solutions to combine technical performance and ground level agronomy. Through experience he has learned to identify the practical challenges of these new tools and, therefore encourages farmers to demand advisers and technology providers to present the real benefits of these new tools.

Juha Jumppanen, Espoo, Finland

Mr. Jumppanen is a service development executive of a Finnish forest industry group, MetsäGroup. He has a forester’s degree from the University of Joensuu and has gained noteworthy forest industry experience. He understands the full value chain of wood supply from stumps to the end-product customer. Juha’s hobbies also take him to the forest, where he relaxes by managing the forest, hunting or otherwise spending time hiking.



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